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I have always felt the need for freedom, to discover things by myself. I started my professional life as a ski instructor and the most important and valuable thing to me was when my clients understood the basics of skiing and be able to go by themselves and have fun.

In 2009, I had a visit from my mom and my brother. At that time, my work took me a lot of time and I had the idea to create a tour for them to visit the city. This help me to offer them to visit the city by themselves and at the same they had my virtual presence with them.

And it’s how it’s start. This unique concept of combined audio, treasure hunt and the history of the city is unique. I really wanted to create a tour to allow participants to be active during their visit, to make them more interested and to have fun at the same time.

What Do We Do ?


Self-directed walking tours: A blend of audio tour and scavenger hunt, CityQuest™ challenges you to solve the clues that lead you to the next destination. Capture the secrets of the city and discover the city with new eyes.

Team Building

CityQuest™ Team building is the perfect activity to break from everyday work and enhance teamwork. Whether you're looking for a team celebration, integrating new people, there is an outdoor life size game waiting for you.

Did You Know

Each city has its own secrets!
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"Learning things I did not know about my city."

- Glen

We help people to discover, play and interact with the city.
Travel different: Feel the city.

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